A bird doesn't sing because it has an answer. It sings because it has a song. 
Maya Angelou



These texts are about being present, how to be with horses and all living beings in a natural way, how to develop relationships based on mutual respect and understanding, how to ride a horse in the spirit of co-operation.

Maybe it helps you to find a way to live a life from your true nature, your true being that is in touch with your qualities so that you fullfil your potential. It will hand you keys to freedom, to inner peace, to joy and laughter. To live life in an authentic way. Opening the door to stillness, the place where horses and all living beings can truly meet.

The story of Yuma -

Walk into Freedom

Living life in a natural and authentic way is the basic ground for building a good relationship with a horse. Living life in a natural way is how we live when we come into the world. How everything begins. If we lose this way of living somewhere on the road of life (and actually we all do) it's there when we return, to live in a state of inner peace. Then we begin to live from this natural state again with a newfound consciousness of how to express this way of living fully.


My wish for you is that this will happen quickly because it is such a beautiful and simple way of living. Not that you will not encounter obstacles any more, but when you are in this natural state, the experience of life is a different one. When you live from this place the horses react differently and sometimes in ways you have never experienced before. There will be times when you still find yourself in conflicts and there are times you still have to work hard. And I assure you it is a way of living that you will never want to trade for anything else. It’s living an authentic life. The horses will show this to anyone who is open. A horse is a mirror that shows you what's really present in your heart.


In these texts I show you how horses contribute to this process and how they themselves go through their own processes, how the horses can help you, how they show you how to lead a natural and authentic live. They can teach you natural leadership and they help in the transformational process which leads to inner peace. They also show you how to transfer this inner peace into your daily life.

The horses continually show me new (or perhaps very ancient) perspectives on life. This is what I share with you in this texts and in my retreats. It's an invitation to freedom.



PS: When you open to living from this place of awareness, not only horses give this reflection, but all living creatures, including humans.

The story of Yuma

There is an art to dying

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