About us


Kim Roswitha, founder, facilitator and teacher /guide of Wisdom of Horses.

I was born in The Netherlands and lived there till the age of thirty. I  have been living in Spain since 2007. 

In 2009 my horses came across my path and I started to guide people with the help of my horses. Bringing people back into their heart, into their natural and authentic state.


To start Wisdom of Horses I combined many skills that I had developed in The Netherlands. 

I have studied Psychology, worked in different management teams, gained my license to work as a coach and a license to work as a sports teacher.

For many years I taught gymnastics and dance and also gained a lot of experience at management level in a retreat centre.


When I was six years old, I started lessons in horseriding. I loved the horses, but I didn't like the teaching method and how we were expected to treat and ride the horses. It was all based on commanding, controlling and dominating another being. 

Later in my life, I tried out other ways to be with horses. I was looking for a method of co-operation between the human and the horse.


Self-enquiry, meditation and alternative healing methods had my interest from an early age.

I started to live and to work in a community that was facilitating retreats and meditations. I assisted with Satsangs and started guiding people towards living in awareness.


When I was thirty I decided to move to Spain. I didn't speak Spanish and I realised after moving that I didn´t know much about daily life in Spain. I felt as though I was back in primary school.

The first years were really pioneering for me.


Horses always appear in my life and again, this time too. Of course, I said Yes to them, these beautiful beings searching for a new home. Some of them had had many negative experiences before and I was driven to improve their lives. So life became pioneering together. Me and my horses.


I was driven to give my horses more freedom, but I was bound by the rules of society.  And for a long time I was not sure if I would have enough money to buy food for all of us. For years I shared every euro with my horses to ensure that we all had our daily food. There was no money for anything else. But that wasn't important, we always had enough to share. A huge confidence in life started to grow within me because everything was really challenging me, but every day, life gave me so much support and many wonders.


I developed a deep connection with my horses, serving them every day in their basic needs. I didn´t have good access to water yet and each day I carried many litres of water to them. Not being able to go away for more than a couple of hours, I had the longest retreat of my life. I always had sincerely searched for inner freedom, but by serving my horses all these hours each day in the heat, in the rain, in a good mood or completely exhausted or ill, helped me to find a source within me, that leaves me without words. It brought me to my inner strength and to humbleness too. It showed me inner freedom. And very interesting, I saw my horses achieving inner freedom too. Back into their own nature. how beautiful, this seven-year quest in pure nature with my three horses.

Growing together, sharing together, and now teaching together.

Find out about our retreats.


The horses

Sal, Yuma, Astra and Nona, co-founders, co-facilitators and co-teachers / guides of Wisdom of Horses. And my very dear Friends.

Here, their images introduce them but their actual presence will speak to you far more.                                  





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